Petra Valkenburg
20.02.2024 10:12:44 Uhr
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Number 3 is also a girl
Yesterday (february 19, 2024) Punda had her 5th kalf in Beekse Bergen. It's a girl and her name is Tendai (means Thankful). So a 3rd daughter for Yambo in Beekse Bergenn

19.02.2024 10:26:43 Uhr
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Dear Petra, The african elephants Suzy and Gitana from Pairi Daiza Belgium will be moving to West Midland safari park in England. they dont know when they'll be moving there but plans have started.

09.02.2024 20:10:37 Uhr
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I made an error about acharas due date achara is due July 2025

09.02.2024 20:02:39 Uhr
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Elephant pregnancies
Asian elephants Asha and Achara at Oklahoma City zoo are pregnant! Asha Is due April 2025 father being Rex and Achara Is due July 2015 father being Bowie. At Valencia Bio Parc African elephant Maya is pregnant! She is 20 months pregnant

28.12.2023 18:24:17 Uhr
Über einem Monat
Arusi and Xolani Sedgwick county zoo
Amazing news! Arusi and Xolani are pregnant! They are around 4 and 5 months along meaning the babies are due around May and June 2025

14.12.2023 19:39:38 Uhr
2 Monate
Saint Louis zoo jade pregnant
Evening! Great news Jade the Asian elephant at Saint Louis zoo Is 10 months pregnant! She is due late 2024/early 2025 (through AI) father is Jake located at the Denver zoo.

08.12.2023 21:22:36 Uhr
3 Monate
Maruca in Cabarceno is female, not male (so another daughter of Yambo 😎)

07.12.2023 10:41:03 Uhr
3 Monate
Number 2 in Beekse Bergen!
Last sunday (dec 3) Bongi in Beekse Bergen gave birth to a female calf, her name is Ajabu

14.11.2023 20:40:40 Uhr
3 Monate
Rose-Tu Oregon zoo
Happy to announce that rose-tu at the Oregon zoo is pregnant! She Is due early 2025 (likely March).

10.11.2023 21:36:53 Uhr
3 Monate
Dublin-Cincinnati zoo
Hello! Yasmin (now renamed SheRa), her daughter anak and son Kabir and anaks son Sanjay have moved from Dublin zoo to Cincinnati zoo on the 5th November 2023!

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