28.05.2023 18:11:19 Uhr
11 Tage
Semba (Reid park zoo)
Hi, I am delighted to inform u Semba the African elephant at Reid park zoo is pregnant! She’s due spring 2024.

01.05.2023 19:59:16 Uhr
Über einem Monat
Elephants Koln zoo/Plock zoo/Łódź zoo
Moma at Koln zoo moved to Plock zoo 27th April 2023 and Shwe Myarr moved to Łódź zoo (27th April 2023)

01.05.2023 19:51:46 Uhr
Über einem Monat
Elephant Nicole
Nicole died at Tennessee elephant sanctuary on the 20th April 2023.

01.05.2023 19:49:15 Uhr
Über einem Monat
Elephant news
Hello Duncan the Asian elephant at Houston zoo was moved to Denver zoo 26th April 2023, Kewa the Asian elephant gave birth to a female calf 29th April 2023 at Leipzig zoo father is Voi nam, Don Chung moved to Cottbus 26th April 2023 from Leipzig zoo.

19.04.2023 15:10:40 Uhr
Über einem Monat
Beatuca in Carbaceno is not male but female (i saw this on the facebook page of that zoo) . I was looking if you knew that Punda, Bongi and Pina-Nessie are all pregnant in Safaripark Beekse Bergen. The father of the 3 calves is Yambo (who is also father of Beatuca)

Lex Beekman
27.03.2023 22:24:56 Uhr
2 Monate
Lisa Oakland Zoo
Hello Petra, Unfortunatly Lisa, the cow from Oakland Zoo is euthanized due to health issues

11.03.2023 13:44:21 Uhr
3 Monate
Zahara at Indianapolis zoo is pregnant due October 2023 through AI, Dallas zoo welcomed a baby boy To mum Mlilo and Dad Tendaji.

11.11.2022 08:34:03 Uhr
7 Monate
Birth of calves
dear Petra. I have read that Mali from Rosamond Gifford zoo in New york has given birth to not 1 but 2 calves. Twins indeed. Both are still alive and thriving i dont know the exact date of birth but it should be around 2 weeks ago.

09.10.2022 12:02:49 Uhr
8 Monate
birth Blijdorp the netherlands
On the 9th of october Faya gave birth to a little bull in Blijdorp in the netherlands. The father is Fahim in Copenhagen

30.08.2022 12:14:04 Uhr
9 Monate
Copenhagen zoo death
Unfortunately elephant plaisak died 26 august 2022 of eehv.

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