25.07.2023 09:48:39 Uhr
4 Monate
im so sad to tell you that on the night of 24th of july 2023 the elephant female Yu yu yin in Planckendael Belgium has passed away due to digestive problems (colic)

18.07.2023 20:49:59 Uhr
4 Monate
Jack le pal zoo
Devastated to hear little Jack at le pal zoo has died from eehv today (18th July 2023).

16.06.2023 17:13:00 Uhr
5 Monate
Bindi’s baby Is a girl!
Bindi and Sang raja’s calf born on the 13th of June is a girl! This is great news

14.06.2023 18:11:51 Uhr
5 Monate
Cologne/koln zoo elephant birth
Bindi the Asian elephant at koln/cologne zoo has given birth!!! The gender of the baby is unknown right now, the father is Sang raja (It was born on 13th June 2023).

28.05.2023 18:11:19 Uhr
6 Monate
Semba (Reid park zoo)
Hi, I am delighted to inform u Semba the African elephant at Reid park zoo is pregnant! She’s due spring 2024.

01.05.2023 19:59:16 Uhr
7 Monate
Elephants Koln zoo/Plock zoo/Łódź zoo
Moma at Koln zoo moved to Plock zoo 27th April 2023 and Shwe Myarr moved to Łódź zoo (27th April 2023)

01.05.2023 19:51:46 Uhr
7 Monate
Elephant Nicole
Nicole died at Tennessee elephant sanctuary on the 20th April 2023.

01.05.2023 19:49:15 Uhr
7 Monate
Elephant news
Hello Duncan the Asian elephant at Houston zoo was moved to Denver zoo 26th April 2023, Kewa the Asian elephant gave birth to a female calf 29th April 2023 at Leipzig zoo father is Voi nam, Don Chung moved to Cottbus 26th April 2023 from Leipzig zoo.

19.04.2023 15:10:40 Uhr
7 Monate
Beatuca in Carbaceno is not male but female (i saw this on the facebook page of that zoo) . I was looking if you knew that Punda, Bongi and Pina-Nessie are all pregnant in Safaripark Beekse Bergen. The father of the 3 calves is Yambo (who is also father of Beatuca)

Lex Beekman
27.03.2023 22:24:56 Uhr
8 Monate
Lisa Oakland Zoo
Hello Petra, Unfortunatly Lisa, the cow from Oakland Zoo is euthanized due to health issues

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